ray ban outlet sunglasses

Brief History of Ray Ban Sunglasses

ray ban outlet sunglasses
Ray ban outlet sunglasses

Ray-Ban is a brand that was born with a sense of mission .During the 1930s, with the developement of the aviation technology ,the planes can fly much higher,but this comes with a problem, the pilots were facing a real challenges. At high altitudes the Pilots were getting headaches and altitude sickness due to the strong sunlight. To solve these, the US Air Force was supplied with a new type of sunglasses from Ray-ban that with green lenses, which can reduce the glare and ban the harmful rays without inhibiting the vision ,this is how the Ray-Ban Aviator was created .

The Ray-ban Aviator sunglasses were faced to the public for the first time in 1937. The original model with plastic frames which were remodeled with a metal frame in the following year. The Shooter was introduced in 1938 with green and yellow lenses,which sharpened images by filtering out blue light and removing haze. At the start of the 60s, Ray-Ban had 30 models available ,by 1969 there were over 50 designs to choose from. As with previous models, the popularity of the different styles were mainly influenced by the celebrities who wore them .

Ray-Ban continued its research and innovation, and came up with more technologies like the gradient mirror lens, designed for military use during the World War 2 era. The Ray Ban Wayfarer model was introduced in 1952 and became iconic after popular Hollywood movice stars were seen wearing them in films. Then came the Ray-Ban Signet in 1953 that featured the eye catching gold or silver frame with horizontal bands at the nose bridge, front corners and ear stems.

The Ray-Ban Caravan was introduced in 1957 and it was an ehanced version of the Ray-Ban Aviator as it’s with squarer frame design, this model was worn by Robert de Niro in the popular Hollywood movie Taxi Driver of 1976.During the 1960s, Ray-Ban has became the leader brand in the manufacture of eyeglasses due to its fashion style and quality.During the 1970s, the brand separate into two branches – sportswear and fashion accessory. Ray-Ban was worn by Hollywood movie stars in some of the most popular flicks of the 1990s. However, in 1999 the Luxottica Group acquired the brand and currently owns it.Of course, Ray-Ban has not forgotten its original purpose – to design and market high quality sunglasses.

Ray ban also designed prescription eyewear and kids’ eyewear at the beginning of the 21st century. Today, Ray-Ban is a name that can equal to sunglasses and is also one of the most famous brand in the eyewear industry. You can buy Ray-Ban sunglasses from all leading optical stores , but nowadays perhaps order the pair of shades of your choice from online sites like http://www.leatherline.co.uk and get them delivered safely to your doorstep is also a good choice.